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F1 Bernedoodles


We have made the decision to dual sire this litter with Daphne. Harry has never been bred before and is an unproven stud. We do not expect any issues there with fertility, but wanted to cover our bases. Just in case, Daphne has been bred to both Harry and Max. Any phantoms born in this litter will be Max's puppies. The tricolors could be either Max or Harry. Once we have puppies on the ground, we will DNA test the tricolors. We want to know exactly who the father is, so that we are able to give an accurate estimate of adult size. Max's puppies will be smaller than Harry's.
Due Date: January 19th
Estimated Size: 75+ lbs.
Colors Expected: Tricolors & Phantoms
Availability: Pending Contact List


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2. Kaci - Therapy Pick 
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