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Hi! My name is Meg Glass. My husband, Dean and I are very excited that you have decided to take a look at our website and learn a little more about us and what we do!


Since I was a little girl, I always knew that I would want to raise dogs. Growing up, I can never remember a time when we didn't have dogs, or at least pets of some kind. Cats, turtles, flying squirrels, snakes, birds. You name it, we had it. My parents were always very supportive of my obsessions and even fueled my fire, some would say. I met Dean in college, we got married in October 2015 and since then, he has pushed me to pursue this dream. For that, I am extremely grateful.


 I'm so excited to see where this journey takes us and for all the puppies we get to love on along the way! Our hope is that our customers find us knowledgeable, passionate and reliable as we provide them with companions that they can enjoy and love for a very long time!

Dean never had a dog growing up, so I knew that the first puppy we got as a couple would have to be absolutely perfect. After researching many different breeds, I accidentally ran across the Bernedoodle. I immediately fell in love with them and would not rest until I had one. I was insatiable. We put a deposit down with a breeder and 6 months later, Frasier came to live with us. He changed the game for me, as far as dogs are concerned. Since his arrival, I have formed a bond with him that I have never had with any dog before. He's funny and sweet. He's playful and he prances around like a horse. He loves everyone he meets and gives us this big, goofy grin that cracks us up every time. He is so unbelievably cute that it blows my mind. Frasier is the happiest dog that I have ever met. 


We were Bernedoodle owners before we were breeders and I do not believe that many other breeders can say that. We made the decision to raise them after sharing our home with Frasier and experiencing him in everyday life, not because of the price tag attached to them. These dogs are amazing companions and I have a passion to share the breed with others. 


Located on Smith Lake in Northwest Alabama, Glass House Puppies is dedicated to providing your future companions with a home where they can grow, learn and be truly adored while they are waiting to join your family. We promise to be transparent with our customers and want you to be totally comfortable with where your puppy is coming from. Our goal is to provide our puppies with the absolute best start in life and I promise that they could not be more loved than they will be in our home with us. 




Every single one of our puppies are born in our home with us and spend the next 3-4 weeks there. We want to make sure they are very close by during these early stages of life. Our Whelping Room is located right off our living room and we can even hear our puppies from our bedroom. When we are not home, we have video cameras that provide us with a constant feed. Our puppies are monitored 24/7. Once we start the weaning process, our puppies are moved out of the Whelping Room and into our Nursery. Our Nursery is located in another building, just steps away from our backdoor. The puppies graduate from their whelping boxes into larger playpens and we also start litterbox training at this time. Each of our puppies are handled daily from newborns until the time they leave our home. We do lots of noise desensitization and socialization. Our puppies are well socialized with adults, children, large and small breed dogs, cats, etc. We start working on crate training around 6-7 weeks old and our puppies are taken outside to potty often throughout the day. They spend lots of time outdoors and with us in our home. They are bathed weekly, nails are clipped and we use high velocity blow dryers to get them accustomed to what you can expect at the groomer. If you have any questions about how our puppies are raised, feel free to reach out via email. 

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