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Here at Glass House Puppies, we pride ourselves in the fact that our dogs are a part of our family. Unfortunately, we are unable to keep all of the dogs we will be using for breeding in our home. That is where you come in! Occasionally, we would like to add some new dogs and puppies to our program as potential future moms and dads! And we want to find families to keep them who will love them as much as we would! 
Here are a few of the main things that we expect from our guardians:
  • Must be located within a two hour driving distance of our home
  • Must provide proper vet care, nutrition and exercise
  • We require that our dogs live inside. We also prefer our guardians to have a fenced in yard.
  • Must keep the dog/puppy groomed and free of fleas & ticks
  • Must properly train and socialize the dog/puppy
Special requirements for owning a female dog: When your female comes in heat, we will keep her here at our home for a few days for the breeding process. She will also stay here for the duration of whelping her litter. Litters will ALWAYS be whelped and raised in our home, no exceptions. Our guardians are always welcome to visit a any point during this time. Guardians must familiarize themselves with heat cycles and be able to detect this in their female and keep her away from all intact males during that time. Females retire around the ages of 4-6, are spayed and will then live the rest of her life with her family. 
Special requirements for owning a male dog: When needed for breeding, males will stay with us for up to a week at a time. Males must be kept away from all intact females AT ALL TIMES. Failure to abide by this rule will result in immediate removal of the dog. Our males retire around the ages of 5-7, are neutered and will then live out the rest of their lives with their family. 
Any available Guardian opportunities will be listed below.
Please email us at glasshousepuppies@gmail.com if you are interested!!


  • RYDER : Ryder is the newest addition to Glass House Puppies. He is a 20 lb AKC Miniature Poodle. Ryder will turn 5 years old later this year. We are looking for a Guardian Home for Ryder within 1 hour of Double Springs, AL. Ryder is house trained and crate trained. He is good with other dogs and our cat. Ryder has a calm and friendly personality. Very impressed with the temperament of this boy. He would be wonderful in a Guardian Home with children or even an older couple. Ryder will be a part of our breeding program for 1-2 years and will then be retired to live with his Guardian Home forever. Please email us with any interest in being Ryder's forever family!