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Steps to Adoption:
1. JOIN OUR CONTACT LIST --- The first step towards bringing one of our puppies home is to be added to our contact list. This list is for families who are interested in our puppies and want updates on future litters. We do not ask for deposits to be on our contact list. All we need is for you to reach out to us at and express interest in adding your name to our list! Our contact list always has first choice in our puppies before they are advertised as available on our website. 
2. PLACE A DEPOSIT --- Once we have confirmed a litter by ultrasound, we will begin taking a limited number of deposits. We will start at the top of our contact list and work our way down it, first come first serve. At that time, we offer each family a spot on our deposit list for that specific litter. Families may choose to put down a deposit or pass to a future litter. If you pass to a future litter, your name will move up on our contact list and you will be closer to the top for our next litters. How far a family will move up is based on the number of families ahead of them who chose to place deposits. If a family decides to place a deposit, their name will be taken off of our contact list and placed on the deposit list for that specific litter. The order of our deposit list is determined by the order in which deposits were received. We will give each family about a week to respond to our email. If we have not heard back from them by then, we will move on to the next family on our list.  
3. THE PUPPIES ARE HERE! NOW WHAT? --- We usually post pictures of our newborns when they are a few days old. By this time, we have a general idea of what the families on our deposit list are looking for as far as coloring and gender. If we have more puppies than we took deposits for, we will open our deposit list back up. We will start where we left off on our contact list and continue to work our way down. It is always first come, first serve. Over the next 8 weeks, we try to post weekly pictures of the puppies to our website and will send out newsletters every few weeks as well. This will vary sometimes. Please understand that raising a litter is very time consuming. Keeping our puppies safe, healthy, fed and clean are our #1 priorities. We are happy to provide videos on request. 
4. PUPPY PICK OUT! --- It is time to pick your puppy! What an exciting time this is, deciding which little dood will join your family. Puppy picks generally happen when the puppies are 5-6 weeks old. By this time, we have been to the vet for the puppies' health check and first round of shots. We will start at the top of the deposit list and work our way down. Each family will be given 24 hrs. to choose their puppy. During that time, we will be available to answer any questions and provide additional pictures and videos. At this time, we will also schedule each family's pick up date and time or transportation for your puppy.
5. PUPPY PICK UP! --- When a litter turns 8 weeks old, it is time for the puppies to join your family! We will have a prearranged meeting time and place. Please be on time. We usually have multiple pick ups scheduled for a day and want things to run as smoothly as possible. We do understand that things happen though. So if it looks like you are going to be late, please let us know as soon as possible. We will provide you with our address, as well as a dropped pin of our location. 
6. HOME SWEET HOME --- We know you are so excited to finally have your puppy home! We are excited for you and feel so blessed to now have you as part of our Glass House Family! Please know that we stand by our dogs and our contract. We are here for you for the duration of your puppy's life. And yes, we LOVE getting updates and pictures of our babies, so keep them coming!


Do Bernedoodles shed?

We try to ensure the least amount of shedding possible in our puppies. But that does not mean your Bernedoodle will not shed at all. With F1s, I tell our clients to expect low to nonshedding coats. With the F1bs and Multigens, the chance of shedding is much less. And generally speaking, the curlier the dog, the less they will shed. 

Are they hypoallergenic?

Our Bernedoodles are very allergy friendly! Most families with mild to moderate allergies will do fine with one of our puppies. However, no dog is completely hypoallergenic. For more severe allergies, we recommend a t-shirt to ensure they will not cause an allergic reaction. Just like the shedding, our F1bs and Multigens tend to be the most hypoallergenic. 

Do you allow visits?

We are not a kennel, our puppies are raised in our home. While we would love to accommodate these requests, our first priority is the safety and health of our puppies. We only allow visits when families come to pick up their puppy or if they have arranged to pick out their puppy in person. There are absolutely no exceptions to this policy. Most of our adult dogs live in Guardian Homes, so they are not always available to be seen on puppy pick out or pick up day. 

Can I set up a phone call?

Our primary form of contact is email. We live in the middle of nowhere with very little cell reception. So we prefer to do most of our initial correspondence via email. When it is time for you place a deposit on a litter, we would be happy to set up a time to speak on the phone and answer any questions that you have. We want our clients to feel completely comfortable with us as breeders, before committing to one of our puppies.  Families who have already placed deposits are a priority and we will be available to them first and foremost. Please note that due to our cell reception, we ask that you reach out through text first. Sometimes calls will not come through.

What will my puppy come home with?

Our puppies will go home with their vet records, any registration paperwork, our two year health guarantee, sample bag of puppy food and puppy gift bag. What we put in the gift bags changes periodically, but usually includes - training treats, chew toys, bones, puppy pads, blanket, shampoo, bath wipes, dental treats, etc. 

What about vaccinations?

Our puppies will go home up to date on shots and vet care for their age. At 6 weeks, they will get their first round of vaccinations. Most of our puppies go home at 8 weeks. But any puppies that stay a little longer will receive their next round, if they are due for it. Our puppies are also dewormed periodically.

Do you start your puppies on crate training?

Yes! We begin working on crate training with our puppies when they are about 6 weeks old. To start off, we put 2-3 puppies in a crate. Crate training is scary at first and having a sibling close by is very comforting for them. As they grow accustomed to the crates, we take a puppy out. Eventually we are left with one puppy per crate. Our goal is for our puppies to go home with a solid foundation in crate training. 


What are your payment methods?

We currently accept Paypal, Venmo or personal checks for deposits. For the balance, we accept Paypal, Venmo or cash when you pick up your puppy. We will accept checks for the balance as well. But if you want to send a check, we MUST receive it after you have picked out your puppy, 2 weeks before pick up. If you arrive at our home with a check, we WILL NOT send your puppy home with you. 

What transportation options do you offer?

We have a few different options for our long distance customers. We offer to ship through airline cargo (usually AA or Delta) for $450. Flight Nannies are $500 ( We have had great experiences with both. We frequently meet clients in Huntsville or Birmingham, AL. Both cities are about an hour away from our home. So this is convenient for us and we are happy to do it free of charge. If we need to meet farther than that, we do charge a delivery fee. We are busy people, so in the event we are not able to deliver your puppy we do have another ground transporter available and I can request a quote for you. 

Do you health test your dogs?

Yes! Our parents dogs are health tested or in the process of being tested now. We want to breed the healthiest puppies possible! We screen for genetic diseases, hip and elbow dysplasia, hereditary heart and eye issues. All testing results can be seen on each dog's individual page of our website. 

What is included in your health guarantee?

Our health guarantee is for a period of two years. It covers any testable genetic disease, Elbow Dysplasia, Hip Dysplasia (OFA moderate or below), hereditary eye or heart conditions. We also guarantee our puppies at the time of purchase to be healthy and examined by our veterinarian. Please reach out to us through email if you would like to read our Guarantee in full and we would be happy to share it with you.


How much do your puppies cost?

What colors do you offer?

Please visit our page on PRICING for more information on the colors we are currently offering, as well as the price ranges for our puppies. 

Do you offer breeding rights?

We occasionally sell our puppies to breeders and consider each request on a case by case basis. Please email us with any interest in adding one of our dogs to your program!

Do you offer stud services?

Yes. We will occasionally offer specific males as studs and will consider each inquiry on a case by case basis. To use one of our boys, we require that your female be genetically health tested and have OFA Hips or Pennhip at a minimum. We also require a current Brucellosis test. We offer boarding for up to 5 days while your female is being bred. This boarding cost will be included in the stud fee. Please reach out to us for more info.


I can't pick my puppy up right at 8 weeks old. Will you board them a little longer?

We offer boarding on a case by case basis and only board a certain number of puppies at a time. Our boarding cost is $100/wk past 8 weeks. During that time, the puppies live in our home with us as if they were our own pets. We continue to work on crate training and will even start some basic obedience training. If they stay long enough to need their next round of vaccinations, we will take care of that as well. They will also begin flea/tick and heartworm preventative.

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